Human Reproduction , Growth and Development


1a] Produce an academic poster of the Human male and female reproductivesystems. b] Annotate this poster to summarize the structure and functions of the components of the above systems. [1.1] 2a] Describe, draw and label a graph to show the relationship of hormones associated withthe ovarian and the menstrual cycle [2.2] b] Construct a table describing the role of these hormones [2.2] c] Discuss the application of these hormones in contraception and fertility treatment [maximum word count 500 words] 3] Scenario – You are a birth practitioner given the task of producing an educational PowerPoint presentation aimed at young adults giving information on : a] The processes of fertilization , implantation and fetal development b] The role of the placenta in maintaining pregnancy [3.2] c]The sequence of events during childbirth [3.3] 4] Discuss medical issues associated with , either the process of parturition or lifestyle during pregnancy. [maximum word count 400 words] 5] Construct a table to compare and contrast puberty in males and females [2.1] [maximum word count 300 words] 6] Briefly outline the process of spermatogenesis and oogenesis including reference to meiosis [1.2] 6] Complete the attached analysis task on gametogenesis as a time assessment [1.2]

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