Human Resources in the nonprofit sector

Description First to answer a couple of questions: Your Course Paper does not have to focus on a specific “public” organization. It does have to focus on the “public” personnel. In using your research materials, remember that you limit your research to only those journal articles involving “public” personnel. Most topics are ones you will find in the private sector as well and have used private organizations to student these topics. There are many ethical, leadership, organization strategies, behavioral, personal motivation, etc.studies and journal articles that may have been accomplished on “private” sector employees that can be used to support your topic even though it is about public personnel. The reason this is possible is because in research we look at homogeneous characteristics of populations being studied. There are some little differences between those who work for the public or private sector, but most have to do with location and type of jog. They both are still human beings sharing the same characteristics and behavioral reactions as they experience being an employee. When “public” personnel shares so many homogeneous characteristics with “private” personnel, it is not an illogical assumption to believe civil servants share many of the same “behavioral traits” that all personnel exhibits and react the same or can react the same in similar studies that involve and measure these homogeneous traits. Thus, carefully assess your journal articles and studies as sources that reflect the understanding that you can use articles that are about the private sector employees as well to support homogeneous reactions for employees to your topic. Go a step further if you are not sure of the connection to a private-sector study by providing support of the source in your discussion pointing out why that particular source concerning the “private” sector still applies to the “public” sector employees. As researchers, we must always assess sources in this way. Learn to especially use proper APA in-text citation as well as reference citation.

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