Humanities : Aaron Douglas’s style

Instructions: Aaron Douglas’s style “is the result of a deep-rooted belief that in trying to imitate the actual world, art-as-likeness was really falsifying the way we see the world. Although all art is a form of imitation-wether of the actual or the imaginary world-Dougla’s belief highlights the way artists have used conflicting methods of getting to the “truth” of the world. Choose one image from early “realistic” methods of artistic representation and one image from later “art of alteration” and analyze the following: what kind of truth does each work try to achieve? What methods is each artist using to create this kind of truth? How do these methods differ from each other? Then focusing on one of the works you analyzed, discuss how its method of getting to truth compares with the method by which the modern Americal novel tries to get to its truth. Review Renaissance Art, Art as Alteration and The Modern American Novel. Writing Requirements: -The full length of written content MUST be three pages longs, not including any author information (such as written in the upper right by MLA style) -Provide three (3) sources for your entry minimum, -Wikipedia and other non-academic websites will not be accepted for this criteria. -Acceptable sources may be located from the following: Textbook Academic and scholarly journals Museum websites – Cite academic articles, books, or other research at sources of your conclusions. -Citations may be written in APA or MLA style. -In-text citations and a full resource(s) citation MUST be included. -Thoroughly address all aspects of the prompt.

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