I haven’t written a paper where maps and soil surveys need to be included.

I haven’t written a paper where maps and soil surveys need to be included. Can someone help me out with this by giving me a good outline or resources to help me with my research on the Ground Pangolin?


For the plan, include the following main sections (subcategories are not required, but should be considered). This should be a complete proposal, not an outline.

Background on Target Species (e.g., common name, scientific name, state and federal listing status (e.g, endangered, threatened) and year of listing, historic range, current range.

Habitat and food sources used throughout all life phases.

Threats the selected species faces, now and in the future.

Goals & Objectives of the Management Plan

Goals: long term desires

Objectives: short term actions to meet goals

Resource Inventory

Topographic map

Soil survey

NWI map – if water features exist on the property

Local or regional field guides available

Review of earlier management plans

Management Compartments

How will you divide the territory into management units

Include an annotated aerial image or map (e.g., Google Earth)

Evaluate habitat quality for target species in each compartment

Management Practices (i.e., what actions are you proposing?)

Physical actions

Chemical actions

Biological actions


Time frame/timing concerns

Alternatives – consider alternatives and construct a table to evaluate important and practical options

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