The US health care system is defined to be faced by different mismatch on how activities are carried outin the internal perspective and external perspective. Though efforts have being implemented so that effectiveness can be obtained in the U.S. Health Care System, satisfaction has not been obtained to both patients and physicians this is as stated by Clift, (2014). More so, industrial efficiency that are appropriate should be emulated so that diversity can be obtained in all context is the health care functionality. The health care has not been in a position to enhance and offer structure that define the problems that revolve within the industry hence causing a barrier in offering efficiency. This is reflected to the delivery contest where poor quality of care is offered to word the big population of U.S.

The structure and process of the existing U.S health care system is that it has not been a position to be financed by the government this means that difficulties are faced in offering care. This aspect is based on the financial concept that analyses how inefficiency is obtained in the organization structure through the country. More so, the management contest is not structured to offer efficiency due to inadequate facility and funding in every facility that offers care, and the functional capabilities do not meet the required standards. The identified contest can be made effective by resolving the structural problems of the health care system and implementing better ways that will make the health care offer diversity in to patients.In addition, a fundamental result will be obtained that is full of efficiency on how care is delivered, and this means U.S. Health Care System will be in a better position.

Health care reform is essential when it comes to issues that pertain health care practices; this is done so that improvements can be obtained indifferent concept that makes up health care. For instance, inadequate coverage and inefficiency care of variable quality are the core reason as to why health care reform s required this is because health care is required is to offer an effective and efficient care that is full of diversity so that patients can feel more recognized. Requiring more transparence and accountability is another aspect that enhances need for health care reform. This is based on the aspect of eradicating discriminatory health insurance practices, which means that all patients should be treated with the same consideration.

Another Issue that prompted a need for health care reform is the increased number of patients and inadequate facilities in the whole country . This means that the health care opts to strategies a better functionality aspect that will improve how services are delivered to patients. More so, the amount of time that is required to offer care is another issue that prompted a need for health care reform. Lack of fund result to inadequate medication which means that health insurance coverage should be offered to for America’s patients. More so, by the provision of health insurance, their ought to be consideration of cost efficiency which will reflect improvements in health care and lower health care cost. This means that better benefits should be offered to patients so that healthcare can keep patients healthy in a common perspective without segregation. However improving the U.S. economic outlook is another factor that improves medicals sustainability to patients. In addition, it is important to initiate long terms aspect that emphasizes the health care perspective in a better manner (Cohen, 2013). References Clift,C. (2014).The World Health Organization for ? : Final report from the Centre on Global Health Security Working Group on Health Governance. London:

Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Cohen, I. (2013). Globalization of Health Care: Legal and Ethical Issues.Cary: Oxford University Press, USA

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