Identifying the Key Leadership Styles within Sustainability Success

 Identifying the Key Leadership Styles within Sustainability Success: A look at Germany


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For the present order, I would like a high quality and knowledgeable/clear writing of my methodology process. Moreover, the specialised writer is allowed to adapt according to the research practices and recommend statistical tests. To have a better understanding to write this chapter, I sent you as attachment the following papers: – My research proposal, where you will find the big lines about my research procedure (please read the related chapter), – The university regulation and writing condition about the paper (including chapter 3 – “Methods & Procedures” on page 7), – A draft of the current literature review & bibliography (please cite in APA all extra sources that not listed in the bibliography!!!), – And finally, an exemple of the online questionnaire. The chapter’s division should be the following: – Introduction, – Research paradigm, – Research design, – Data collection and sources, and – Statistical tests discussion (currently set to an ANOVA).

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