Important aspects of professional communication


English 3430 – Professional Writing Make sure you focus on the important aspects of professional communication. Review your class notes in advance of the exam. All good professional communication is clear, concise, and: 1. Audience-Centered; 2. Information-Based; and 3. Action-Oriented Sample Exam Question Please read carefully and respond to the sample case presented below. You may invent needed information, but ensure that it is pertinent and realistic. You will be evaluated on your writing style and tone, as well as on the formatting for each type of correspondence. Sample Case: You are the manager of a chain of print shops, CopyMAX, and have just received some good news from your corporate office. Next Thursday is Independence Day, and all of your 85 employees will be given a paid vacation day. There’s a problem, though. One of your biggest clients has asked for a rush-order that relates to their summer marketing campaign, and you need to produce 10,000 postcards, 95 large posters, and 10 banners by July 7. To complete the job, at least five of your staff members are going to have to work during the holiday, including one of your four graphic designers. You would like to ask for volunteers, but you need five employees. So, if fewer than five volunteer, you will assign employees based on seniority—those hired most recently will be asked to work. Please write a memo to your employees.

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