A. List and describe the three most important structural changes in the brain during adolescence. Describe the impact of these changes on adolescent behavior.

Bachelor Paper details There will be one written paper in this short summer semester. These topics will vary and are provided, but will require a 3 page (600-800 words minimum; no maximum) written paper. Please refer to the rubric posted for grading standards. This assignment has a clearly defined set of outcomes provided in the grading rubric that you should use in your work. This paper can earn 20 points. Assignments must be submitted as a doc. or docx. file. Be sure to go to “Save as” and choose this file type. You are expected to use at least two additional reliable sources for your information beyond the material in the course modules. You may use other websites, readings or videos but be sure to document your sources, but they must be of good, scholarly quality such a peer reviewed journal articles, recognized text, professional publications and limited news sources. In most instances, the use of Wikipedia or other common forums are not acceptable as a sole source for any material in your paper. The minimally edited nature of these sources makes them prime candidates for misrepresentation and/or false material. Magazines, blogs, tweets, self-published sources are also not considered acceptable sources.

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