In history of Science: Transportation History: Mobility between Engineering and Policy

While the lectures this week go far back in time, think about the history of transportation as a theoretical problem. For this assignment ( you will compare two text: Rodrigue and Cresswell. One gives an effective overview of transportation history. But in this theory of transport there is little human agency, very few social effects, no problems of inclusion and exclusion, and the costs and benefits to participants don’t seem to play a role. His is a distant universe which has little to do with us. The other outlines a science of mobility which is much more general and vague, which is much more interested in meaning, in winners and loser, in effects on society, on the mind and on the soul. There are complex and contradictory humans, not only passenger figures, tonnage and the effects on the balance sheet. Write one (or one and a half) pages about the difference between these approaches. Quote (footnote!) one or two sentences of Rodrigue’s text that exemplify his vision, and remind us of the conceptual distinction that Cresswell uses to make space for the approaches he reviews. How are we to choose between these approaches?

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