In patients at risk for venous thromboembolism, what is the effect of betrixaban on clinical outcomes

Purpose: Being able to write summarize literature in a logical, concise format – Topic and purpose of paper is clearly introduced with complete and appropriate supporting background – Purpose of study and all pertinent study design elements are described Appropriate safety and efficacy endpoints are presented. When applicable, actual numbers (i.e. percentage of mortality), p-values and confidence intervals are provided. Interpretation of statistical significance is appropriate Introduction –max of 1-2 paragraphs describing pertinent background information about the medication and or disease state. Establish why the question is being asked? -is there a high disease burden or risk of disease severity? Is there a limit to other medications used or lack of currently available treatments? What is the rationale for this drug in this disease state? use those two links for the articles: 2 of 3-Summary of at least 2 articles. Articles should be original research studies that are both prospective, randomized controlled trial in humans. Article summary should be brief, concise and discuss pertinent information from the article. Article summary should be a minimum of one paragraph per study and include a description of the methods, pertinent results and at least 1-2 statements of discussion and conclusions drawn from the study. These should be your own and in your own words. MUST include some comments on the safety of the study medication. -Conclusion –A paragraph at the end should be included to summarize your findings.the conclusion should include your recommendation for where this medication should be used should the intervention be used/done at all? If applicable, should it be first line, second line? Are there special populations that we should reserve the drug? Timing of the drug?-Citations –your article must be cited using AMA format. A numbered reference list must be provided at the end of your paper. You should cite ALL articles used, not just the articles that you summarized with the appropriate use of superscripts.

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