Incidence of breast cancer in certain environments/communities

Description 1. Use at least 10 of the scholarly articles on your topic to create the first part of your unique annotated bibliography . Be sure you are using formal citation style. Each annotated bibliography entry must be on each work that you find. Remember: these 10 or more articles from library sources must be relevant to – must clearly center on – your chosen topic. In each entry you must explain how this work/article specifically concerns the women’s health issue that you chose. 2. Your Annotated Bibliography that you are turning in as your Desk Study Part 1 assignment ( must include a minimum of 10 entries and you must use formal citation style. In *each* (meaning, for everyone) of the 10 or more entries in your annotated bibliography, you must be sure to do the following: explain, in your own words, the main point of the article describe how this article relates to your chosen topic; in this section, be sure to include at least 1 direct quote per entry and recall that direct quoting requires formal in text citations state whether the article is most heavily an elaboration of the Statement of the Problem, a Design Study, a Review of the Literature, or an Analysis of Data. * An “article category” refers to how you are choosing to best/most accurately categorize/describe each of the articles you are citing in your Desk Study Part 1 and 2. These are the article categories from which you should be selecting for each of your 10 sources (5 for DS Part 1 and 5 for DS Part 2): * Statement of the problem: Use this if the article most evidently, clearly introduces/summarizes/conveys the problem being studied/examined/analyzed. Choose this if the article primarily and most strongly addresses the issue at hand (which is your DS Project topic). * Design study: Use this if the article’s authors’ study design — their approach/research methods used to analyze/study the topic at hand — is featured most heavily in the article. This means that the article primarily describes and presents the methods used to arrive at the results presented (methods could be field work, surveys, interviews, etc.). * Review of Literature: Choose this if the article is primarily and most heavily a review of the existing literature on the topic at hand (your selected Desk Study project topic). If you choose this category, you’re reporting that the article is best described as a work that offers readers a review of the scholarship published on your topic. * Analysis of data: Select this if the article is mostly useful to you because of the analyses of the data it includes. In other words, the article is most heavily a presentation of the analysis/interpretations of the statistics/collected information from the studies carried out on the topic at hand (your DS Project topic). 3. explain why you think that each article qualifies as that type of piece (see previous bullet); explain your justification for this designation 4. write 3-5 sentences per annotated bibliography entry (your annotated bibliography entries must be in alphabetical order by authors’ last names, of course) use formal citation style (this refers to paper headers, title, in text citations when directly quoting from the works 5. include a formal References page at the end of your assignment (, double-spacing throughout, etc.) in addition to the annotated bibliography entries (your References list must be in alphabetical order by authors’ last names, of course)

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