Industrial engineering

This is the fourth year final paper for graduation. The course title is industrial engineering. Major: engineering and architecture. TOPIC: Alternative drive and propulsion technologies of the future- current state of Germany and China and their significance in the future ( In Absprache mit S. Cravotta) . This is the 4 pages proposal for this course, please be noted that the writer who assign to this order will not only write this 4 pages order, but also need to finish the 100 pages+ order once this proposal got approved. So please make sure you are professional in this major, and have sufficient time (2 months max) to finish the final graduation paper. For this order, I will provide the example of the proposal and please ONLY follow it format and structure to do it. I will also upload some material about the final paper and it will let you know the level of difficulty and content that what the writer going to write. PS: for the citation style, please refer to the final paper guideline.

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