Hi, please please please read all attached documents, because they have all information what have to be in essay, first 2 attachments saying about criteria in essay, what should it include etc. others attachments is important articles which we read in a class like Karl Marx “Communist Manifesto” and another is Andrew Carnegie “The gospel of wealth”. Also 4 articles which support ideas of Karl and Andrew. 1st called Paul Krugman, “Inequality is a Drag” is support Marx’s idea, second is Will Wilkinson, “Don’t Abolish Billionaires” support Marx’s idea too, third is Daniel Isenberg, “Entrepreneurship Always Leads to Inequality” which support Carnegies Idea and finally Josh Mound, “AOC’s 70% Tax Plan Is Just the Beginning” support Marx’s idea. So basically in that essay you have to chose one of them Carnegie or Marx, why are you agree with him and why not. also you can use information from other articles, newspapers or magazines to support you ideas. Please do not copy anything from internet, they gonna check in on plagiarism . You will find more detailed information in the documents attached below. You must read all of them

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