You will define a demonstration/process speech as any speech in which the speaker attempts to show the audience how to do something, how to make something, or how something works. Informative Demonstration Speech meets chapter objectives for Chapters 11, 12, and 13. *See pages 268-269 in your textbook for additional information. Topic examples: golf swing, hanging wallpaper, refinish furniture, create a web page, how to study, develop film, wood carvings, unusual cooking recipe, scrap book, and human circulatory system. Requirements Three to five minutes long. Include at least one source in your speech, and provide bibliographic reference in MLA format at the end of your preparation outline. Bring a Preparation Outline and a Delivery/Key Word Outline to Class. You will turn in both outlines to your instructor. In order to receive a speech grade, the preparation outline must also be submitted through the appropriate assignment dropbox in D2L (NS Online). Through the dropbox, TurnItIn will evaluate your submission for plagiarism. Read the outlining guidelines on our course website under the content link for guidelines. Review the list of topics that can not be used for speeches under content link to ensure that your topic choice is acceptable. Visual aids are required for this speech. You will be graded on content, audience analysis, research, delivery, body language, grammar, articulation and pronunciation, outline format, introduction and conclusion, and eye contact (see speech grading rubric for how you will be graded under the content link our course website).

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