Innovation Management in Construction; The applications of Industry 4.0 in Construction Projects in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Paper details:

Create chapter 4 Findings and Discussion and Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendation as explained below; 4. Findings and Discussion This section presents the data analysis results. You should explain the data analysis procedure clearly before presenting your findings. Make sure to break down this section into meaningful subsections. You should be presenting your analysis findings not the collected data. Do not present any raw data in this section; but keep a record of the collected data as you can be asked to provide these if the research project coordinator deems it necessary. Make sure you are including a discussion of results at the end. 5. Conclusion and Recommendation Under this section, the presented work should be viewed in a wider perspective. You should restate the aim of your paper and point out how it has been met. The most important issues and the major conclusions (ideas) of your study should be expressed succinctly. The author should also present his/her interpretation of the findings. Also, the implications of the review should be discussed, e.g. how the outcome of the study could affect future work and/or possible applications, and what kinds of problems/questions remain in the area. Try to discuss the advantages that can be gained through the implementation and come up with a plan for implementation which is to have clients allocate a budget for the supervision team to undertake this task of drone use/surveillance to enhance the safety specially in large extended construction sites. Please refer to the attached documents and please consider reviewing chapter 1, 2, and specially 3 as it has the methodology and appendices. Note that i only collected 19 survey interviews out of the 30 i mentioned on the methodology. please try to make it work with what i have favoring promoting the usage of drones on site by the supervision team.

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