inow 084 1 .0 mutant Bs allele is 0.6. E tarde teein fout bones Jo, 4 + 0.4 LS7B Problem Solving Session 5 (Week 6) Oi-12 014 Relative fitness of

I don’t really know how to calculate this, If it is after speciation then wouldn’t there be 0 heterozygous alleles? I’m unsure if I’m solving this right

inow084 1 .0mutant Bs allele is 0.6.E tarde teeinfout bonesJo, 4+ 0.4LS7B Problem Solving Session 5 (Week 6)Oi-12 014Relative fitness of heterozygous individuals (B+BS ) is 1.0.ns meluence aeRelative fitness of homozygous recessive individuals (BSBS) is 0.4.481-TITTRelative fitness of homozygous dominant individuals (B+B+ ) is 0.8.the information provided below, calculate the allele frequency after selection?Before selection, the frequency of the dominant WT B+ allele is 0.4 and the frequency of the recessivenatural selection in a population with this disease can influence the frequency of alleles over time. Usingthe disease exhibit a fitness advantage and are resistant to severe malaria. You want to determine howThe sickle cell mutation exhibits incomplete dominance in which individuals who are heterozygous forSickle cell anemia is a homozygous recessive disease caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin beta gene.G12TTITover timeattech on Dre b/ 4 most seguntimeis am noncadieCTOITTATof genome -harmout to org3 re com binanonTTCTdneLseletedawce

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