International Operations Management

Task 1 – International Operations Analysis (Max 1,000 words) (40% Mark)


Everyone agrees that businesses in both manufacturing and service sector currently face global challenges to manage their operations. You are a global operations management analyst and will critically evaluate the global challenges that an international organisation faces with in relation to meeting cost efficiency, global access, greener operations, and highest possible level of quality of product and services. You are expected to select ONE organisation of your choice from one of the following sectors listed below and critically evaluate the current issues, challenges and expected future of their operations to meet the above objectives.


Your critical evaluation MUST underpin an integrated approach towards all of these objectives to analyse the benefits and challenges in an integrated approach. You are expected to critically evaluate the internal operations, supply chain and logistics network of this organisation pinpointing the current issues and challenges and RECOMMEND some suitable strategies, or tools to meet above objectives in a hybrid approach. These strategies, theories or tools are expected to be critically analysed to promote a top quality, responsive, efficient and green organisation.


The critical analysis includes underpinning theories and strategies extracted from sufficient up to date peer reviewed academic journal articles as theoretical background and analysing real world examples and cases (including but not limited to the organisation of your choice). The theories and strategies must be referred but not limited to those that have already been taught during this semester.



Agri-food – The organisation should be producer, processor or retailer

Automotive – The organisation should be a car manufacturer

Fashion/Textile – The organisation should be a retailer

Technology – The organisation should be a retailer

Logistics – The organisation should be a parcel delivery or distributor

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