Involving Corporate Social Responsibility

 Blog assignment ( Fall 2019 Purpose: To review current event articles for stories related to Corporate Social Responsibility. assignment ( Your Blog should contain the following information: Article Title: [Insert title of Article] Article Link: [Insert link to article] Date of Article: You must use an article published no earlier than August 1, 2019 Summary of Article: Summarize the article. Be careful not to plagiarize the article. Students should read the entire article and then write a summary in their own words. Analysis & Discussion This section could include some background on the issue, but should focus on analysis. Do not put information summarizing the article in this section. At a minimum, describe how the article addresses CSR. Describe how the action/incident that is the subject of the article fit into our class discussions. For example, consider • Which stakeholders were involved • How did the company address the matter? • What was the harm/benefit to the company reputation? • Does the company have a CSR program and if so, is it weak or robust? • Did the issue involve employees, the community, the environment, or other issues related to sustainability? References: Cite the article(s) used. Footnotes are required. Citations must be in either Chicago or APA. Deliverables: 1. Post a WORD version of your blog into the appropriate dropbox on Canvas. 2. Your file must be named: LastName_FirstName_Blog1_Fall19. Grading Rubric: The grading rubric and the number of points available for this assignment ( will be posted on Canvas. Sources: You may only use reputable sources for your blogs. Major media outlets, newspapers, magazines, and academic papers are acceptable. Sample: I have attached a sample of a blog. Please write the blog post in Word and upload the word document to the dropbox. It MUST be single spaced, with one inch margins around, and it must be less than 2 pages. For full credit, use the format in the sample blog attached. Also, cut and paste the word document into the discussion board. Article Name: Volkswagen Pleads Guilty in U.S. Court in Diesel Emissions Scandal Article Link: Article Date: March 20, 2017

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