Italy – the level of economic development – the state of its political economy – its key industries, as well as any major exports and imports – what industries you will be focusing on in your report – any relevant trade policies and investments Your term project will take the form of a country report. For the term projects, each student should develop a country report that applies information learned during the course, with emphasis on the assigned country. Each student will conduct a systematic analysis on a country’s international trade status. Firstly, the country report should explore different cultures, political systems, macroeconomic environment etc. In particular, you need analyze how those factors influence international business of this chosen country. You will survey this country’s economic, political and legal system, its culture and possibly religions to gain a deeper understanding of underlying reasons for its current trading position. On one hand, you need explore how those different macro factors can attract foreign firms. On the other hand, you also examine how those factors can encourage the country’s indigenous firms to expand abroad (You can use Porter’s diamond of competitive advantage as framework). You’re encouraged to explore multiple sources of information, including academic sources (e.g., publications in scholarly journals), current news articles, government reports, company reports and etc. Most importantly, it is required to integrate theories or concepts from slides or textbook. Only searching some online facts is not adequate. Your country report must be submitted in a proper and professional format. It should be typed in 12-point font (Times New Roman), double spaced, and one-inch margins all sides (8 pages excluding references). You must provide proper citations and a bibliography. You will be assessed based on 1) punctuality in submission; 2) the appearance and writing style of your submissions, as well as the evidence of editing, grammar, spelling mistakes, and typos in your submissions; 3) the structure of your article, and the logical, completeness, and thoroughness of your research and analysis; 4) appropriate references.

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