Final paper: 3-5 incisive, well-edited, evidence-driven, properly cited, AND thrilling pages: 1) How does the right to vote relate to principles of justice? Provide an argument in which you account for the slow accretion of voting rights to all people in the west, noting the importance of citizenship, land ownership, age, education, race, and sex in your argument. Then note how citizenship, much like the right to vote, can also be taken away and/or ignored when it no longer matches existing definitions of justice. Discuss how the loss of citizen status can subject a group, such as the Jews under Nazi power, to further injustice and how that can be compared to the long-term detrimental effects of non-citizen status—think of how African Americans and Native Americans still cannot achieve justice or equality in this country and how frequently they have been subjected to further injustice, like becoming subjects in the Tuskeegee study,. as a result. Conclude by indicating whether citizenship, like justice, is culturally constructed, how it relates to voting, and whether either of these defend against populist fascist movements, such as the one that brought the current president into office in the United States.

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