Key activities of Wasta Plan.

1. Writing the Key activities of Wasta Plan. Think about what key activities of Wasta be. 2. Important: Wasta is still under the business plan. 3. Key Activities are those activities which are essential to the business. That is to say these activities not only add value to the value proposition of Wasta but is necessary for Wasta in order to have a business. You may want to have a look at competitors and try to articulate where the focus areas were for them during their start-up phase (to capture what activities they were focusing on prior to going to market). This will then give you a sense as to how to allocate resources, which areas to prioritize, and type of assistance Wasta needs to seek externally to ensure they are on the path to success. The rationale behind this is that all start-ups are resource-poor hence they need to be able to focus on a specific task to ensure they can either: obtain funding, develop a MVP, generate a proof of concept etc. Framed in this way, you can see how key activities quickly becomes a strategic decision and how it will support in the articulation of the overall business challenge.

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