Guiding Questions: Please include your written answers to the following questions in your summary. You can also include other aspects which you think important. 1. In these three articles, is there any particular labor market regulation(s) does each of the papers focus on? What particular country, or group of country (such as advanced economies or developing countries) does each of the articles focus on? 2. What are the views of the outcomes of labor market regulations based on these three articles? (1) Based on Botero et. al. (2004), what are the major determinants of the variations in labor market regulations across the countries? How did the researchers reach the conclusion? What are the major consequences of labor market regulations? (2) What are the major economic consequences of family policies does Olivetti and Petrongolo (2017) examine in their study? What are their conclusions regarding the economic consequences of family policies? (3) What major effects of unemployment insurance design does Tatsiramos and von Ours (2012) focus on? Based on the research, what factors should be carefully considered in the design of unemployment insurance? 3. Based on the three articles and our discussion on minimum wage last week, what is your view on the outcomes of labor market regulations? There are certainly different dimensions of “outcomes”, from employer, employee, or the whole society’s perspective. You can provide general comments about your view. 4. You can also briefly talk about major things that you don’t understand while reading the articles, as well as anything that you like in particular. (optional)

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