Language Development

Discussion Board Instructions Topic: Language Development 

It is important that you do not submit your discussion post too close to the deadline or you will lose grades. Please refer to the rubric for more details. Instructions: 1. Watch the video “How do Babies Learn Language” that highlights Dr. Janet Werker’s research at the University of British Columbia. 2. Imagine that you are a psychologist who specializes in the early stages (pre-natal – 2 years old) of language development. Based on the information in the video and our textbook write a discussion post that describes 2 recommendations that you would make to expecting parents. These recommendations can be directly or indirectly related to language development; however, they must relate to the information discussed in the video. Further, you should justify your recommendations in your post by drawing links to the video and textbook information. You may refer to the video as (KidsCareCanada, 2015) and our text as (Weiten & McCann, 2019). If you provide a direct quotation for either source make sure to include the page or paragraph number (See you APA manual). If you refer to any other sources, you should cite those also. You do not need to include a reference page in the post. The citation to the video and our text will suffice. This post should be titled “Discussion Post” and should be 200 – 400 words in length. 3. Read some of the discussion posts submitted by your classmates and post a thoughtful response to one post. This second post should be titled “Response” and should 150 – 250 words in length. Tips: – Write your posts in Word and then cut-and-paste what you have written into the discussion board. This way you have a back-up copy of your post saved in Word in the event that something goes wrong when you upload your post to the discussion board. – Write your answers in full sentences and present your recommendations in an organized fashion. – Make sure to review the rubric to ensure you are meeting the learning objectives with your posts.

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