Latin America or Caribbean genre or song

 Writing assignment should address the Latin American or Caribbean musical genre or song of your choice that is Latin American or Carribean. Preferably a Bob Marley song, but you may pick whatever you want. Need 1 page of the assignment setting up why you selected the song or genre to discuss. This might detail the occasion upon which you first heard this genre or song, and the reasons that you had access to it. This is also known as the initial site of ethnographic encounter. 1 page of the assignment profiling the history of the genre, song, or musician 1 page of the assignment rendering analysis of the genre or song. Describe what makes it work musically, using vocabulary that we’ve introduced in class and that is in your textbook. Concepts and Words to use: Music in the Caribbean- politics,subgenera, flows, tourism Music in Latin America – calypso and tango (similar to jazz), evaluation of genres determined by economic or social class , needed exposure abroad before genres were valued in the region, Argentina and cowboy culture. Can talk about the effects commercialism have on the song or genre Think about Intentionality in sound Think of timeline when analyzing music vocable- fancy way of saying non sense syllables timbre- quality of sound Terraced Melody Monophonic Polyphonic

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