Leadership and Motivation for Managers to Improve Customer Satisfaction

 Today’s managers are challenged in ways that traditional managers never faced. Heightened attention to the law, ethics, diversity and the digital world have significantly changed how businesses in the United States and across the world operate. However, the science of management changes much more slowly over time. Given these facts, your paper is a discussion of how your personal leadership style, how you personally motivate your employees has a direct relationship on their productivity, quality and dedication to the job. Your job is to clearly elaborate what leadership style you feel best works for you in managing staff. In addition, what ways would work to motivate them to do their very best, every day. Finally, discuss how this helps your unit to improve customer satisfaction. As many of you argued, in a pure capitalism, companies satisfy customers not for their satisfaction alone. They have to do so because it is their own selfish interest because unhappy customers equal poor sales, and ultimately an unprofitable company. You should consider the following points: What leadership style(s) from what we learned in class are best suited to your personal style. What motivational strategies we studied in class are most effective to keep staff highly engaged. Finally, when doing these well, how this impacts customer satisfaction. As always, remember to provide detail on your argument to prove your position. Requirements: The paper should use standard English composition rules (Thesis statement, supporting arguments, conclusion, etc…) All references must be cited. News sources must be legitimate news outlets (i.e., no Drudge, Snopes, Wikipedia, etc…) The paper should be three to five pages long. The following format MUST be used (points deducted for not following) Font Size = 12 1″ Margins – top, bottom, left, right No extra spaces before or after paragraphs First line of paragraphs may be indented up to .5″ Cite references in a bibliography at the end. This page does not count in the total allowed. All papers will be submitted to SafeAssign for plagiarism checks. Papers with un-cited references or those with high content copied directly from other student papers will be treated as cheating. You can check your submission to see what SafeAssign reports when you submit to catch any errors in advance, avoiding any issue with your grade. The paper is due on the final night of class. It must be submitted to Blackboard in Word, Adobe Acrobat or Rich Text Format. Paper submitted in pages or plan text formats cannot be accepted.

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