Leadership as a Technique

assignment (customnursingassignments.com) Objectives: As we have seen in this module, teamwork is essential to success, but comes fraught with challenges and opportunities. The readings have outlined a variety of approaches to team organization and conflict resolution, and shown that team leadership can come in many forms, from many places in the hierarchy. In this assignment (customnursingassignments.com), you will demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered in this module, troubleshoot a team situation, and provide alternative visions for greater collaborative health write a 400-500 word response to the following question / scenario: Using the concepts from this module, discuss an example from your professional experience where you observed one type of team organization but it might have benefited from another. How was the team organized? How could it have been organized better to achieve the goals? Were the goals appropriate? What were the conflicts? There is not a correct answer of less hierarchical as some functions, tasks, or roles require organizational hierarchy. What techniques discussed in Team of Teams, or Lead the Way would have improved this organization and best resolved internal conflicts? Consider how the “We, not Me” mindset advocated by Unger could have positively disrupted the team dynamic and performance.

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