Paper details Semester Project Instructions: In this project, you will be asked to review the fact patterns and apply the information learned in class to complete the assignment. I have included resources to help guide you in the drafting of the assignment. You will be required to submit a legal memorandum which follows the IRAC method. In this method, you are expected to identify the ISSUE presented to you, identify the RULE(s) that are applicable, APPLY the rule(s) to the case and provide your CONCLUSION. This is not a short answer assignment and it will require careful analysis. You can use the submission link to submit rough drafts and will accept them until a time designated during the semester. As with any writing assignment, you will be required to submit the work through safe assign and you will be required to submit your own work product and clearly cite any work not your own. This project represents a significant portion of your final grade and you should plan on devoting substantial time and effort. The project consists of THREE individual memorandums representing fact patterns based on the material covered in the course. You will be required to submit all three memorandums. In other words, you must complete the assignment in full and you do not have the option of picking any one of the fact patterns to submit. You must write 3 separate memorandums to complete the assignment.

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