Lego CSR Report

Each student should look for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report that was published in the last 12 months (each one a different report) and analyze it. Answer the following questions in no more than 1,500 words (up to 3 pages) providing references within the report or other sources. Be sure to include an analysis of the following questions (but don’t limit your analysis to these): Identify the company’s key environmental and social impacts. How does the company address them? Do you think it is enough? To what extent is sustainability part of the company’s core strategy? Is it part of the company’s efforts to build a long-term competitive advantage? Explain in detail (You may need to look at the company’s annual reports to answer this question) How does the company measure sustainability performance? Is it using any guidelines? Based on the report and the course readings so far (classes 1‐4), write down five recommendations for the company’s CEO on how to improve the company’s sustainability efforts and reporting.

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