Life Experiences

Conduct an interview with someone from an age group different from your own. As a minimum, ask the questions below to get a sense of his or her experiences. You may find it necessary to add appropriate follow-up questions based upon the interviewee’s answers to help you understand how this person’s life experiences as part of a particular generation may have contributed to shaping who he or she is today. Some questions you might ask include: • Besides family members, who were your role models when you were growing up? • As a child and a teenager, did you have any close friends who were of a different race or religion than you? • Describe your first job in terms of salary, benefits, work schedule, and responsibilities. How long did you stay in this position? • Approximately how many organizations have you worked (in a full-time capacity) for in your lifetime? • What historic, political, and/or personal events were most significant during your childhood and young adulthood? • How did these make a difference in your life? What inventions affected your life the most? Why? • How have health care, education, and the economy changed in your lifetime? Have any of these affected how you have lived your life? • How has your gender impacted your life experiences and level of education? From the interview material, (a) write a three-page paper that analyzes how these experiences have impacted that person’s life. The emphasis here should be on learning if your subject had life experiences that may have shaped them in some significant ways (b) examine how these generational differences could impact workplace communication and understanding. Include an introduction and conclusion, as well as in-text citations for all sources used.

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