Literary freedom journal

There will be three literary freedom journal assignments: fiction, poetry, and drama. Quantity is the main grading criterion, and 1,000 words is the minimum for each genre (not counting direct quotations), with the journal entries being turned in three times (20 points possible each time, 60 points total possible). The content of the journal entries must be related to assigned readings for each genre. Students are free to choose what to write as long as the writing is focused on the assigned readings for each genre. Summary followed by response is one good way to approach the journal assignments. The three journal assignments will be graded mostly on quantity (1,000 words each time to achieve full points), though failure to stick to assigned readings or to exclude direct quotes from the word counts could also cause loss of points. Direct quotations should be identified by using an alternate colored font or highlighting. By each due date, students should upload the Word documents for the fiction, poetry, and drama freedom journals. – Per the Syllabus Of the short story options, I chose to write about Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants.” I will attach pictures of the story. No outside sources are necessarily required. The Journal can be literally about anything. Like he said, you could summarize the story and then follow that with your response for 1,000 words. Or it can be analytical. So you could also talk about the numerous instances of symbolism in the story as well and perhaps compare some famous literary critics take on it too. However, if you do that, then of course sources would be needed then

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