Literature Review: ‘’Prevalence and self-maintenance of diabetes among the elderly population’’.

 The literature review provides the scholarly background for your specific research topic. This means NO Wikipedia or casual online information! Please read the sources thoroughly and have a sound understanding of the big picture in which your topic is situated. For example: if your topic is about “obesity among Hispanic children,” you should start exploring into the broader context of obesity among Children in America and then narrow it down to that of Hispanic children. Generally speaking, literature review should answer the following questions: 1. What has been done thus far in the field? What are the findings? E.g. what is the obesity prevalence, esp. among Hispanic children? What are the factors that contribute to obesity among this population? Etc. 2. What are the gaps in research in this topic? Is there any unexplored area or population? Are there any new trends or shifts of research? 3. What are the most often used methodologies and approaches, e.g. quantitative, or qualitative? What are the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of the methods used? Length: 1500-2000 words.

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