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<>elearning.kctcs.eduLab09 – Differential and Biochemical Test – Blackboard … Test: Unit 4 Case Study 19 – SMC_4186_BIO_225_EO…Course HeroCourse SyllabusInstructions INFECTIOUS DISEASE CASE STUDY 19Laboratory MaterialsAnn, a healthy 37-year-old biology teacher had just returned from Japan, where she was attending a two-week seminar. On the plane trip back to the U.S., AnnEtext & Masteringbegan to experience chills, fever, and a severe headache. The day after she arrived home, she visited her doctor. After noticing some abnormal reflex responses,Assignmentshe admitted her to the hospital and obtained a sample of cerebrospinal fluid by spinal tap. He ordered penicillin therapy intravenously and Tylenol fordiscomfort.Unit 1 LectureUnit 2 LectureLaboratory DiagnosisUnit 3 LectureInitial laboratory isolations were unsuccessful in obtaining a bacterial culture from the CSF sample when plated on enrichment media and blood agar.Serological tests were depended on for diagnosis, comparing initial and subsequent antibody titers.Unit 4 LectureFollowing the laboratory results, Ann’s treatment was primarily supportive. However, Ann’s condition continued to deteriorate and she was transferred to theEmailICU. Having lapsed into a coma, she died a week later, without regaining consciousness.Email InstructorIn the News!MultipleNot allowed. This test can only be taken once.AttemptsMy GradesForceThis test can be saved and resumed later.DiscussionsCompletionDue Dates Calendar* Question Completion Status:HelpQUESTION 12 poirSave AnswerWhich of the following diseases is most likely described in this case study?O CryptococcosisO MeningitisO ListeriosisO EncephalitisQUESTION 22 pointsSave AnswerSave All AnswersSave and Submit

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