Mail Pitch Presentation

I don’t know how to handle this Powerpoint question and need guidance.

Powerpoint presentation. It’s only meant to be about 4 minutes long, but I do need to summarize each question asked below. All the documentation will be in the attached. So it’s not a matter of answering any of the questions, but rather, creating a powerpoint for them. Some of the questions can be combined into a slide, such as 2, 3, and 4, all address the pain and solution. 5-6 can be combined. 11-13 can be combined.

THIS IS A PITCH PRESENTATION. Try to include the questions but also this is meant to present the business to potential new clients/shareholders, etc..

I’m attaching an example of that, as well as the previous work on the slides. The matcha is an example. The slides previous work of the questions.

1. What’s your why?

2. What’s the pain you’re addressing?

3. For which target customers?

4. What’s your solution to the pain?

5. What is the sustainability component?

6. What is your revenue model?

7. What’s the impact of your solution?

8. What is your brand?

9. What is your competitive advantage?

10. How is your team structured?

11. What and where startup capital?

12. How long to breakeven?

13. Years 1-2 projected profitability?

14. Your call to action?

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