Majoritarianism Vs. Pluralism

 Majoritarianism is when government takes action on behalf of what the majority of society believes and needs. Pluralism is when government deems that society is too complex to take into account how every person is affected. Thereby, when government takes action as indicated by what numerical minorities desire and needs, government is more pluralist. Does a majoritarian or pluralist government work better to solve the problem of American consumerism described by Annie Leonard in The Story of Stuff? Choose one and explain how it would better address the problem of consumerism. Present and defend a thesis in your answer, employing as supporting evidence at least three chapters in the American Government textbook. You may NOT draw on sources other than the book and course material. In a works cited page, let me know which chapters of the textbook you are using. organize your paper around some set of institutions, processes, and features of the public. For example, consider the process of logrolling in Congress, and think about whether this tends to produce majoritarian or pluralistic outcomes. Similarly, think about the political logic of concentrated benefits and distributed costs. In both those instances, you should see a clear tendency for one kind of outcome over the other. Now, apply similar reasoning to other features of Congress, the presidency, the bureaucracy, or judiciary. A good way to organize your paper is to choose a set of topics such as these, evaluate each as to its tendency for majoritarian or pluralistic outcomes, and make a larger claim about how it may add up to address the problem of American consumerism. However, do not simply run through each and every topic in class or every feature in American democracy in an exhaustive way. Pick out those that you feel are most important, or that in your mind, weigh most heavily in solving this problem. Be aware that every topic we have covered in this class DOES NOT fit neatly in two categories of majoritarianism and pluralism. The Story of Stuff: Textbook :

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