Managed Care and Hurricane Katrina (BUSA 5430)

 How Healthcare Enterprises could have Improved their Delivery of Services in the Disaster In Part I, students’ papers contained a heading/discussion “what went wrong with the delivery of healthcare.” Apply that learning/content to now uncover and discuss improvements. • How Healthcare Enterprises can be better Prepared for Natural Disasters From much of what was learned and written in Part I, as well as new learning from the Katrina case studies for this course, discuss this topic. • Healthcare Management Implications of Healthcare Enterprises’ Failure in the Disaster This course and module content/learnings focus on healthcare management specifically; delve into the textbook learnings to identify h/care management’s roles, then apply that learning to discuss this topic as it aligns with the Katrina case study readings. • (Likely a short conclusion closes the paper: either combine conclusions from Part I & II, or keep them separate and under each respective Part) Be sure to read the Katrina required case studies to learn more specifically about the topics for this Part of the capstone paper. Each section of Part II should be about 3 pages, and one would think that preparedness might be the largest section in that it was one of the most predominant and critical failures during Katrina. ADD Part II to your existing Part I paper. Add reference to existing reference list; be sure it is in alphabetical order, correctly formatted, and the number of references is about 20. Rewrite the abstract to reflect both Parts I and II. Please note! This is part 2 of this project as you see from the instructions. You will add part 1 to previous part order#296089482 which already has 8 pages. Each part was supposed to be 10 full content pages.

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