Include the following content in this section. Summarize how your company compares to the overall market Summarize what 3-5 market analysts are currently saying about the company. Calculate the value of the company’s financial assets by completing ratio analyses for the company for the last three fiscal years within the following bulleted categories. Provide a rationale as to whether each ratio is favorable or signals potential trouble for the company justifying your observations with evidence from the data and your findings. (Note: Your report must include a minimum of 2 ratios from each bulleted category, with a minimum of 10 total analyses. The greater the number of relevant ratio analyses you can provide, the stronger your business case will be to either purchase or not purchase the stock.) Categories for ratio analysis Liquidity Financial leverage Asset management Profitability Market value Explain your rationale for including the data elements you provided in your summary comparison of your company within the overall market. Explain why you chose the market analysts you included in your summary. Explain how the market analysts’ current opinions of the company compare to the picture you have formulated of the company thus far. Explain how the 10 ratio analyses of the company’s financial assets you calculated in your paper create a full picture of the overall health the company. 

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