Pat, a 54 year old female who just found out her husband Win is having an affair. Pat and Win have been married for 35 years and have children who are fully grown with children of their own. Pat and Win have always had marriage problems, but stayed together “for the children”. Now, they find themselves unable to even look at each other much less live in the same house together. However, they have both lost their jobs within the last year and being over fifty have had a hard time finding work, so financially they feel that they have no other choice but to stay together. Pat has come to you for help to assist her in coping with the new found information that her husband is sleeping with another woman and how she can deal with this all while continuing to live under the same roof with him.
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One of the first things that I would tell Pat in the situation of this nature, is that she would have to take the situation one day at a time, in order to be able to cope with living under the same roof with her husband. I would reiterate to Pat that this situation is not all hopeless, and pat should be continuously focused upon looking for employment all during the day, which would help to keep her out of the house, as well as to keep or constructively seeking the mechanism that will …

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