Can you identify Abraham Maslow theory on humanistic needs and Charles Darwin theory about instinct and each individual’s association with these theories?
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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

“Maslow proposed that people are basically good or neutral rather than evil, that there is in everyone an impulse toward growth or the fulfillment of potentials” according to Pervin, John, & Cervone (2005, p. 211). He established a pyramid or hierarchy of needs with the lower needs at the bottom and the higher needs at the top that consists of:

Physiological needs: i.e. hunger, thirst, sleep
Safety needs: i.e. shelter
Belonging needs: i.e. the desire to have intimate relationships with others
Esteem needs: the desire to feel good about oneself
Self Actualization needs: attainment of one’s fullest potential

In good or “normal” times a person strives for the higher needs as in good times most people’s basic survival needs are being met. Most people have jobs, houses, and families for example. In stressful times, such as war, natural disasters, or financial difficulties one’s basic survival needs take precedence over the higher needs, as one is more concerned with finding food, water, shelter and other basic survival needs at that time.

Of course, there always seems to be a hero of some sort during these stressful times, though, so it’s interesting to note that even in the bad times, some people …

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