Mass of empty test tube Mass of test tube + unknown Mass of test tube + unknown + Mn02 Mass of erlenmeyer ask with residual water Mass of erlenmeyer…

1) You are given an unknown containing KClO3.

Following the procedure in your manual, you obtain the following fictional data

Note! For this problem use the given (allbeit incorrect) vapor pressure of water

Mass of empty test tube74.2659 gMass of test tube + unknown74.5581 gMass of test tube + unknown + MnO274.6447 gMass of erlenmeyer flask with residual water337.57 gMass of erlenmeyer flask filled with water358.42 gAtmospheric pressure763.9 mmHgTemperature of water30.4 °CPartial pressure of water at 30.431.66 mmHgMass of test tube + Residue after heating74.5939 gDensity of water.996 g/mLCalculate

  (c) Volume of oxygen corrected to STP_______________ mL  (d) Mass of oxygen produced_______________ g  (e) Moles of oxygen gas produced_______________ mol  (f) Calculated molar volume at STP_______________ L/molB) Per cent KClO3 in unknown  (g) Mass of unknown used_______________ g  (h) Moles of KClO3 calculated from moles O2

_______________ mol  (i) Mass of KClO3 in unknown calculated from moles O2

_______________ g  (j) Per cent KClO3 in unknown_______________ %C) Residual “KCl??” from UNKNOWN 

     Residual “KCl??” is what is left in the tube after heating except for the MnO2

  (k) Mass of residual KCl? produced from UNKNOWN_______________ g  (l) Theoretical yield of KCl if UNKNOWN is 100% KClO3_______________ g  (m) % Yield of “KCl” based on k and l above_______________ %handbook

the actual vapor pressure of water at 30.4 °C_______________ mmHgWARNING…Do not use this number in problem 1

Mass of empty test tubeMass of test tube + unknownMass of test tube + unknown + Mn02 Mass of erlenmeyer flask with residual waterMass of erlenmeyer flask filled with water Atmospheric pressure Temperature of water Partial pressure of water at 30.4 NIass of test tube + Residue after heatingDensity of water 74.2659 g74.5581 g74.6447 g337.57 g353.42 g 763.9 mmHg30.4 °C 31.66 man74.5939 g.996 gme Use the following units: it mol torr "’5 "1L (manual-17.) L(iflLorgreater) item value unitsVolume oi oxygen collected (a) 20.93 mLPartial pressure of dry oxygen (b) T3224 mmHgVolume oi oxygen at STP (c) 19.114 mLMass of Oxygen gas produced (d) 0.0508 gMoles of Oxygen gas produced (e) 0015884 molCalculated molar volume of oxygen [1) 22.4 UmolMass of unknown used (g) 0.2922 gMoles of KC103 present (11) .0011 molMass of KClO3 present (i) .242 9Per cent KC103 in unknown (D 44.35 %Mass of residual KC]? remaining (k) .2414Theoretical mass of KC] based on unknown .17? gused (1)Per cent recover of KCl (m) 136 % Submit

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