Masters level assignment

Briefing Memo

You are the chief of staff of your public organization. Every morning you provide a briefing memo on the top 3 issues that you think the director needs to know today. It is a single page memo, single spaced.

Select an organization, such as a school district, or an executive or local agency in INDIANA. The only limitation is that it be a public or not-for-profit organization.

Select a context for the briefing. You have a choice of three.

Daily operations – keeping the boss on track when nothing major is going on.

Crisis situation – the three items center on the impact of a crisis or disaster.

SWOT Analysis – you describe strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and threats associated with the events framing that day.

In the briefing memo provide a title for each topic, a short paragraph summary of each topic and one media report citation and link on the topic and one scholarly article with a link related to the topic as background for your boss. If the issue is internal such as a personnel problem the media example may be a comparable situation. For example a sexual harassment issue brought to the boss’ attention. You may want to use a comparable media report.


APA citation style should be followed for the citations and links. However, this one page document can be single spaced. See the attached example.


Note that the sample title page document differs from the “Purdue Owl Sample APA Research Paper Format.pdf” that is attached here for your guidance.

Apply page numbering to the research paper.

Save your file using the following naming convention.

Attached is an example/template.

  • ExampleTalkingPointMemo.docx
  • PurdueOwlSampleAPAResearchPaperFormat.pdf
  • lesson2-generaldouglas.pdf
  • lesson2-Policylearning.pdf
  • lesson2-sustainabilityleadership.pdf
  • lesson2-rolesassumedbypublic.pdf
  • Lesson2-HowHurricaneSandy.pdf
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  • Due: 19/01/2019
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