Media (Core concept) assignment (

For this assignment ( you will analyse a news article using concepts from Human Geography. You may choose any news media article (eg. a news item in a newspaper rather than a blog, editorial or opinion piece) that interests you as long as it was published after Sept 2, 2019. Choose an article that is approximately ½ page – 1 page in length. See below for a list of possible sources.The assignment ( is to:a) Fully and accurately summaries the article (approx. 200 words, double-spaced), and) Write 2 paragraphs (300 words each, double-spaced) connecting the article to two different geographic concepts selected from the list below.Summary: Begin by introducing the article to the reader – who wrote it, published it, etc. – it must be clear to the reader which article you are summarizing. Then provide a full summary of the article.Analysis: Define the concepts early on. Provide as full and complete a definition as possible. Then use the definition to explain how the concept can aid in understanding the context you are analyzing. Also explain how the information in the article illustrates the concepts. Track back and forth between the concept and the article to keep the connection tight and clear.Core Concepts•To conduct your analysis, you must use two concepts from the following list.•You may also use derivatives of these concepts, eg. place → sense of place. In such cases, be sure to define both the core concept and the derivative.•Note that some concepts include sub-concepts which will require consideration in your analysis, eg. Distribution → density, concentration, pattern (.Space, Distribution, Place, Anthropocentrism and/or Eco-centrism, Distance, Location, Diffusion, Culture ,Region, Scale (of analysis, NOT map scale).You must define the concepts and provide citations for the definitions. Find the definitions in the textbook, lecture notes, or a geographical source such as the Dictionary of Human Geography. Do not use a general-use dictionary or Wikipedia.You must give your assignment ( an interesting title. “Media assignment (” is not an interesting title.

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