Media interviews are an important part of good public relations.

 Being an effective spokesperson for an organization can increase the power and value of an individual or organization in the marketplace that is filled with conflict and competition. Assignment #3 requires you to write a one-page (one side – limit of 500-600 words) single-spaced report about an interview you have recently seen on television that has been broadcast or recorded in the past 30 days. The interview may be seen live or recorded on TV, or accessed by you from search engines on the Internet and viewed on your computer. The framework for this assignment should begin with an explanation of WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY the person was selected to be interviewed by the media, and then an assessment of HOW they performed. The only limitations for the interview you select to review is that this should be news related, NOT a comedy show or parody. The person being interviewed can be any celebrity, athlete, politician, writer, expert, author etc., or even a normally non-public person that has a story to tell the media. The interview you select to review and write about should be more than five minutes long, which eliminates many short news interviews conducted within the content of a TV news story. The interview can be as long as one hour, but the length of the interview should not alter your one page review or analysis. Describe what YOU learned while watching the media interview. Rate the person being interviewed for style. Rate the person being interviewed for substance. Was the media person conducting the interview skilled? Did the person being interviewed do well? Did the subject communicate key messages? How did the subject look? What advice would you give to counsel the interview subject so they can perform better in future TV interviews?

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