Its a paper on memory im going to upload a sample of how the paper should be formatted and what should be included in each part of the paper but besides that 5 sources that are articles on other studies that are on memory and they should be summarized in the introduction my study is on different types of words one type being like words like chair, house and cat that you can actually picture and other words like thought, feeling, and love. im saying people will be able to remember more words that you can actually picture compared to the thought words. for the participant there will be 20 participants from Hunter college i will give them a list of 20 words 10 Physical words and 10 Thought words and on the list the words will alternate. 10 people will get a list that begin with a physical word and the other 10 will get the list beginging with the thought word. they will have 1min with the list then i will let another 2 mins pass during which i will play a video for them to watch to try to ease up their mind and then have then write the words they can recall.

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