Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare


Write a 1200-1250 word (~5 page) paper in response to the assignment (customnursingassignments.com) given below. All drafts should be typed, double-spaced, and have standard one-inch margins. Use Times New Roman font. Include pages numbers at the top right of each page. Paper format (including textual citations) should follow correct MLA style. Final papers will be assessed according to the Department of English Writing Rubric for Literature Classes. This assignment (customnursingassignments.com) will require the use of at least two brief primary sources (texts written during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, during or around Shakespeare’s lifetime BELOW). Include a “Works Cited” page listing bibliographical information for each source as well as the edition of the play that you cite; these sources are linked below and full bibliographical information for each is given for each. assignment (customnursingassignments.com) Write an analysis that connects an analysis of one of the Shakespearean passages listed below (from either A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Twelfth Night) to at least two brief texts from the sixteenth or seventeenth century. The primary source texts are linked to each title given below. In your essay consider the following questions: How do images, attitudes and/or beliefs (about women, marriage, Amazons, clothing, Puritans, etc.) from the primary sources (texts written in or around Shakespeare’s lifetime) compare to the dramatic, imaginative portrayal of conflicts involving similar images, attitudes and/or beliefs in your selected play passage? How does the passage from Shakespeare’s play both reflect and transform the cultural ideas and assumptions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries expressed in the primary sources? The thesis of your paper should answer this final question

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