Miracles Script

The following is the exact instructions given to me by my professor… In no more than 1000 words, please develop an argumentative dialogue (Script) between two friends that tackle the following issue: You are sitting with a group of friends in a Ramadan Iftar (Lunch). Ahmed, a political science major, mentioned that his aunt was cured from a terminal disease with a miracle. Noha, a literature major, doubted his claim. Consider Ahmed to be a muslim and Noha to be a Coptic Christian. Some information if you need it, don’t need to mention it though: Ahmed, MALE, MUSLIM, Egyptian Noha, FEMALE, Coptic Christian, Egyptian Based on the readings, lecture notes, class discussion, and ted-ex talk, please write a dialogue (Script) between Ahmed and Noha. I will upload the Class Lecture Powerpoint as well as paste the link to the TED-EX TALK below… If you have any questions please ask me.. this should not exceed 1000 WORDS. Also, you can completely ignore Ahmed and Noha’s Majors as they are irrelevant and will only cause complications.. TED TALK VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk6f9LFv3OE

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