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The student will prepare a PowerPoint (Audio/Visual) presentation wherein he or she will design an interagency interdisciplinary course of instruction. The presentation should be designed for those who would be tasked with carrying out risk assessment and mitigation strategies. The student will provide an overview of risk assessment and mitigation techniques and strategies. This should entail applicable policies and legislation. At the minimum various ways to go about conducting a risk assessment will be discussed. At least three different risk assessment tools should be briefly discussed. Critical infrastructure will be covered. Vulnerability and impact assessment will be reviewed. Next, the student will explain mitigation strategies and techniques. Structural and non-structural examples will be offered. Resiliency, redundancy, continuity of operations, and planning including operations planning will be addressed. Finally, the student will discuss best practices for carrying out a complete assessment and mitigation project of their choosing so as to illustrate to the participant the whole process. Finally, the student will apply Biblical insight into the overall issue. The presentation must include at least 10-15 sources (which may include the class textbook and the Bible) and adhere to current APA format. Please use the notes box for additional information and details so I can use it for my presentation.

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