For this paper I have three choices to pick from.

Option 1: Analyze one of the monsters that we’ve studied during this course to determine its significance within its historical context. Use medieval or modern monster theory as appropriate. Option 2: Analyze the significance of a contemporary monster using modern monster theory. Option 3: One of Cohen’s theses is that “The monster always escapes.” Compare one of the monsters we’ve studied this semester with a modern manifestation of the same monster. How has the meaning of the monster changed? The books we have read this semester are : Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf… ISBN 978-0393320978 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein… ISBN 978-0486282114 Bram Stoker’s Dracula… ISBN 978-1934613337 John Gardner’s Grendel… ISBN 978-0679723110 Please let me know ahead of time what monster will be chosen, because my teacher sent us a list of secondary sources, about three for each book. So,I will be able to provide them when the monster is chosen. Also let me know if you need a clarification on Modern Monster theory (Cohen’s Theses).

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