Moral distress

Burston, A.S. & Tuckett, A.G. (2012).  Moral distress in nursing: Contributing factors, outcomes, and interventions. Nursing Ethics, 20(3), 312-324. DOI: 10.1177/0969733012462049 Moral Distress  Moral distress is a concept researched in hospital settings be can be present in other situations such as in returning veterans.  It exists in all healthcare settings.  Read the assigned articles to prepared yourself.  You will need to research other resources. 1. Overview and definition of moral distress as it applies to professional public health/ community health nursing practice. 2. Describe an exemplar of potential moral distress in the specific topic area of practice of public/ community health nursing 3. Who are the stakeholders in this area where moral distress occurs in the community?  Examples include but are not limited to healthcare providers, nurses, governmental agencies, community agencies, financial entities, and others. 4. Discuss how moral distress plays into the nurse’s decisions in these types of situations.  How do the varying ethical models impact this situation?  5. What can be done to support nursing professionals in this situation?  References must support your suggested interventions focusing on the community / public health aspects (not acute care) 6. Topics are mental health, homelessness, elderly, children/ adolescents, migrants, disasters.

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