Can you help by explaining educational motivation because I am writing a short paper on whether issues related to motivation in the educational field are becoming simpler or more complex. I am supporting my position by using the Van Nuland, Dusseldorp, Martens, and Boekaerts (2010) and Murphy and Alexander (2000) articles.

Exploring the Motivation Jungle: Predicting Performance on a Novel Task by Investigating Constructs from Different Motivation Perspectives in Tandem. Henneke J.C. Van Nuland, Elise Dusseldorp, Rob L. Martens, Monique Boekaerts. International Journal of Psychology, 2010, 45 (4), pages 250-259. Psychology Press, Taylor & Francis Group.

The New Frontier of Educational Neuropsychology: Unknown Opportunities and Unfulfilled Hopes. P. Karen Murphy, Stephen L. Benton. Contemporary Educational Psychology 35 (2010), pages 153-155. Published by Elsevier Inc, 2010.
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Sources in the literature emphasize approaches to behavior that are used to explain the concept of motivation based on how individuals act in a certain way, and under certain conditions. For instance, educational measurement and cognitive processes are based on the internal components of the brain (Murphy & Benton, 2010). Research suggests that the most difficult tasks of educators obtaining student interest in a subject. According to Bird (2005), several theorists have attempted to explain educational motivation, and the lack of this interest. Skinner (as cited in Bird, 2005) theorized that teachers are able to motivate students when he or she positively reinforces a correct response. Others suggest that interest can be generated if the teacher understands the complexity of the subject material (Bird, 2005).

Based on the interdisciplinary field of Educational psychology and neuroscience, educational neuropsychology has emerged as a method to of study that provides a learning …

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