Motivational Interviewing

Watch the following video from the Motivational Interviewing website, and apply it to the case of Mr. Jones in your blog post, as outlined below. Write a 500 word blog post on MI (Motivational Interviewing) and its application to SMI, “Mr. Jones” case, touching on the objectives In your post, imagine you are using MI to intervene with Mr. Jones, and please specifically address the following points: 1. Identify three or four MI techniques you might utilize in the interview. Why would you choose these? 2. What non-verbal interactions might you use in an MI with Mr. Jones? . How might they affect the interview process? 3. What social work values, principles and service elements would apply in the interview? Be sure to number your answers. I’m attaching the case study of mr jones so you can have info about mr jones/Thirty-two year old white Roman Catholic male. Born in New Jersey; oldest of three children, two younger sisters. Two step-sisters and one step-brother from father’s remarriage. Natural mother abandoned family when patient was four years old. Father remarried; stepmother and he did Joe didn’t get along well. Joe reports that she pushed him down the stairs, hit him with a knife, and would tie him to the bedpost for hours when he misbehaved. Patient lived with father until he was about sixteen years old and began running away. Patient searched for his natural mother, found her in California, lived with her for a period of time. Mother died in 1975 of alcohol and drug addiction (as reported by step-mother). Patient tried to help his mother but became involved in using alcohol and drugs with his mother. (Patient abused substances prior to reuniting with mother). Patient states he never did well in school and was simply passed along from grade to grade. He dropped out in the ninth grade. Patient has had various jobs over the years, generally menial and short-term. Patient was married at age twenty-one and has an eight year-old daughter. He and his wife have been separated for seven years at his wife’s request due to patient’s drug problems and abuse of his wife. Patient’s estranged wife and daughter continue to live in California. Patient has experienced homelessness and traveled around the country due to what he describes as “paranoia” fears; that after considering that some people might be after him, it became generalized that everyone was out to harm him. Patient describes himself as “living on the street” for approximately five years and hitchhiking from place to place; at times he has indicated that he saw another homeless man murdered (set on fire) by a group of kids. He himself was attacked once and fell, hit his head, and was knocked unconscious. Patient has history of arrests and incarcerations, some which are drug related.

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